While I Was Out: Hypocrisy Continues, Virginia Discriminates, and Revenge of The Nerds!

I’ve had a bad cold for three days now, and I am tired, sick and crabby. How lousy am I feeling? I felt so awful that I haven’t seen anything on MSNBC for three days. Three days. I know that it’s hard to believe that I couldn’t even come up with the strength to tune into my favorite geeky-wonky-policy nerd, Rachel Maddow. But sleep and sneezing have been my preoccupations for the week thus far.

This afternoon, I finally feel halfway human, and so I crashed out on the couch and pulled up the TiVo and the laptop to catch up on political news. There’s a lot that’s been happening while I Rip Van Winkle’d my cold into submission:

1. GOP continues to prove their hypocrisy over and over and over and over…
This is no surprise. The surprise is the shockingly blatant lack of offense on the part of the Dems to do anything about it. Why we’re not seeing Tim Kaine, DNC Chair, on every Sunday show, or Joe Biden out there doing more interviews, I really don’t understand. Tim is a strong point man, stays on message and brings it home. Joe? Well, I love Joe, ’cause he’s not gonna give ya a load of bull. Joe is gonna tell it like he sees it, and he’ll pull no punches. And he did a fine job on the Troll Under The Bridge over the weekend, gotta say!

Way to go, Joe! Gotta love this guy. 

2. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell rewrites the state’s discrimination laws to exclude sexual orientation…
Amazing, yet not. McDonnell used a big, thick Sharpie and just wiped out the sexual orientation clause of the state’s non-discrimination policy, and then touted it as a new, improved, all-inclusive, “protect everyone” policy. (See #1 again…) He did campaign on this as one of the changes he’d make if elected, so no real surprise…the truly terrifying part of all this is that the voters of Virginia actually put this guy in office, this new darling of the Rethugs.

3. Reconciliation? Really? I hate to say I told ya so, but…
Okay, I’ve said it how many times now??? I guess I’ll say it one more time: we can pass anything we want through reconciliation, and we can make the health care reform bill right. Hell, throw in some school rebuilding money, childcare, and, oh, dare I say it? The Public Option! We can ut back in all that we bargained away with ourselves, pass it, and be done with it, and have a truly monumental 2010 midyear run. And Bernie Sanders has my back, Kids: childcare and school building funds were his idea…credit where credit is due, after all. Today, even more Senators signed off on their intentions to make it happen. Wow – imagine that: a fully at least partially functional Senate! Real health care reform for all Americans! Planks of the Democratic Party actually acted upon and made law! What a concept…twenty Senators have signed on so far. We’ll see if the party can sustain its cojones, uh, I mean backbone, long enough to make it happen – stay tuned!

4. Rachel to Beck: “Back off.”
Oh, yeah. We nerds have been pushed around quite a bit growing up, and now that we’re grownups, we really love seeing one of our own come out on top. We’re pretty tolerant folks, generally speaking, especially when we realize that we’re dealing with someone of a lesser I.Q. We get that not everyone has our academic brilliance, or eloquence, or even our nifty yet sturdily-framed glasses. But nobody likes a bully, and when Glenn Beck accused Rachel Maddow this week, of all things, of being one of those “alarmists who hide and lose key data,” well, them’s fightin’ words. If we know how to do anything right, we nerds always nail the data. That had to have been the last straw for Rhodes Scholar Maddow.  She’s no liar, and she’s a straight shooter (um, no pun intended there…) So check out this clip of my nerdy-wonky fellow geek standing up to the proverbial class bully:

Oh, yes. The geeks shall inherit the earth. “Back off, Beck!” The girl means business. Ah, it does this nerdy wonk’s heart good to see one of my own geeky kind giving it to this pea-brained, neanderthal of a playground bully. We’ve come into our own, all you tormentors of the smart kids, and we’re on the tee vee machine now. Consider yourselves on notice! ‘Nuff said. 

What were our top stories of the week? What else did I miss while I was out? Fill me in, my fellow Politicos – I’m counting on you! Thanks for adding your own two cents here at Momma Politico!


  1. well glad you are feeling better! # days with no news, you did miss alot! I saw Tim Kaine on Morning Joe, he said he has plans to be front and center from now on, that is good news! I'm a huge Biden fan too! What happened to his forehead? The car crash in Canada??Feel better, this is a big news week, month actually, we have the big HC meeting next week!BTW, I'm knocking on wood as I say I have not been sick for a whole year! I usually get a real bad cold around New Years, but not this year! :-)))

  2. I completely concur with you.. that's been the problem all along with this bunch .. No one helps the President with his push back.. He is basically alone in standing up to the lies and the hypocrisy other than once in a while Joe gets out there… All members of Congress should be standing with the President not just the DNC chair and the VP… That's how the Rethugs do it .. and we should really take note… I hate to say that.. but the Dems could take some direction from the R's in this case.

  3. Hi Annette, I hope you'll read the post again – somehow, it didn't all load…seems to be good now. And I heartily concur. We need to learn to govern, not just campaign. And it's time for the Senators to step up, damn it! You are right-on, Girlfriend…Thanks for your terrific comments. You know your stuff, my friend!

  4. Right on. Enjoyed the post. I wrote Congress a letter about a month ago letting them how I think they could improve their performance. It's so frustrating to watch your own party flounder around like the Dems have on healthcare.

  5. Beck often ridicules science by making the quote marks sign. I once saw him do it in reference to biological science and evolution. He calls for a balanced "debate" without admitting that the science is in on this question — as it is with evolution — and that a balanced debate would lend credibility to a completely discredited idea.Good for Rachel for standing up to the bullying bag of wind.

  6. Hi Sue,Congrats on getting through the New Year with everyone well! That's a huge accomplishment! 🙂 I am hoping that Tim Kaines will be out there more with just one job instead of two. Joe's head? The crash is the only thing I can think of. Maybe he got in the way of the CPAC guys hitting the Pelosi pinata??? Talk about bad taste…Yes! I, too, am looking forward to an opportunity to see our President kick some more televised Rethuglican booty. You would think they would have figured out that he's brilliant and eloquent in the live forum – without a teleprompter! Good to hear from you, Girlfriend – Thanks for the great comments.

  7. Hi Sky Girl, Really enjoyed your blog when I visited the other day! So glad you came by here to visit and glad you liked the post. I'm a frequent letter writer myself – good work, Girl, and keep on writing! Too bad our own party doesn't listen to us more often. I hear ya when you talk about frustration – could you tell from my reconciliation rants???Thanks for the comments, and for taking the time to come by. Would like to put you on my blog list – are you interested?

  8. Amen, K., amen! The air quotes slay me, especially when Beck has no clue, nor interest, in scientific fact. Amazing that in this day and age…guess everyone has gotten over Sputnik and the race for scientific discovery, huh? Well, that takes some stress off…Good to hear from ya, K. – always love your perspective. Thanks for your words of wisdom, my friend.

  9. What's the obsession with the teleprompters anyway? Surely, George Bush used one. I can't imagine that he could say good morning to his wife without one.

  10. Joe's head thing? It's ashes from Ash Wednesday. I had to really look at it before I remembered what day it was. (I was, after all, raised Catholic, and had that on my forehead every Ash Wednesday.)So glad the rest of your post loaded, I was wondering what happened. You are one of my sources for news anymore, since I've practically sworn off watching any news. I just get mine from you, a few other blogs, and The Daily Show. And before anyone bashes me for that statement, I've found all news sources to be biased, so why not read something knowing where the bias lies? There is a glimmer of hope for health care, with reconciliation. And now I hear Obama's going to write his own version of health care reform. What took him so long?! I'm much more of an instant gratification kind of girl, so this lenghthy, drawn out "debate" has really cramped my style. 🙂

  11. Glad you're on the mend. I've been away from the blogosphere, too, but not for health reasons. Started a new job that leaves me drained at night.I was also wondering why I'm just seeing Rethugs on the television. They've got a huge advantage. They know how to keep the verbiage simple and go for the gut. Dems make things way too complicated. That's why Obama is doing badly in the polls. No simple unified message with an emotional component. Obama is not leading. He's being lead and that will sink him and the democratic party if he doesn't grow a pair. The thought of the Republicans regaining power scares the crap out of me.

  12. LOL, K! That's a classic line! I may have to borrow it! Thinking on your feet and eloquence in speaking are both lost arts. Having a President who can do both, sans teleprompter, is a luxury and a pleasure. I guess people have forgotten that it's do-able! Great comments, K.

  13. Okay, CM, a big "Duh" moment for me…I guess because I was sick and missed Ash Wednesday altogether, it slipped my mind. Still, after 12 years of Catholic education, I oughta know these things…(there goes the Catholic guilt!) Good eye, CM, good eye! I'm flattered that you consider my rants a good source – thanks! I always get a little panicked when I haven't blogged about the latest story…had a bit of a writer's block, then got sick. I was afraid no one would be left to read my tomes by the time I got back online! Thanks for your loyal readership, CM! I hear ya, CM, re: instant gratification. That's me, too – it's possible, so let's do it already! Makes The Hubby a little nutty sometimes. But if reconciliation is there, and it'll produce a better product, well, hell, let's get rolling! Good to know I am not the only impatient liberal on the block – I am in good company. 🙂 Thanks for swinging by, and waiting for the technical difficulties to pass. You're a pal, CM!

  14. I hear ya, Lauren, Rethugs back in office is my worst nightmare. Actually, my children ever becoming Republicans is my absolute worst nightmare. I'm afraid that when they decide to rebel as teens, they'll decide to go all Alex P. Keaton on me. Scaaaaary. You're right, of course, the Dems have rarely managed to organize themselves to stay on message and get the word out, over and over. It's something that I hate to say the GOP does well, but they do. We need that unity right now. Kaine sez they're mobilizing efforts right now. But you're right – the emotional button, the way Obama had folks voting with their hearts in such a grassroots swell in November of '08, that's the component we're somehow missing. I wonder why the argument of HCR being a moral imperative isn't brought out into the forefront. It resonates with me, so i know it would resonate with other like-minded progressives. You are dead-on with this point, Lauren. I hear you about work. Some days I would love to blog, but am so drained – is this just the first year, getting to know the job sorta thing for you, or is it just a mentally/emotionally draining type of work? Either way, spoil yourself a little and relax this weekend. God knows you deserve it, Girlfriend! Thanks for your great comments.

  15. To be fair to the Democrats, they have a much more difficult message to get out. All the Rethugs want to do is regain power and they don't care how they go about doing it. What that amounts to is pushing buttons and encouraging irrationality. The D's actually want to fix problems and move the country forward. It's not a nuanced task and it doesn't lend itself to sound bites.

  16. True, K., true. Fair enough. It seems they have some semblance of order right now when it comes to message. I guess that's part of the challenge of a "big tent" party. The Rethugs are trying to activate the base of the brain with fear and irrationality, while the Dems appeal to the frontal lobes with intellect. The baser instincts are hard to overcome! Thanks for your great comments. Always love having your insight.

  17. Thanks; I always enjoy stopping by here. And I meant that that Dems task is nuanced, not not nuanced!

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  19. No worries, K. What's a typo among friends? 😉 Love to swing by your blog, too – you're a regular renaisance man!

  20. Welcome, daniel john! And thanks for your kind words – much appreciated, and I hope you'll come back again!

  21. To answer your question, first year and first month. I was out of work for close to a year. Started a job on Feb. 9th. I'm not used to getting out of the house everyday, driving somewhere, and staying there for 8 hours. My body is in crisis.

  22. God, Girl, I hear ya. I was only down with a cold & fever for a week, but I am still recovering, 2 weeks later. I can only imagine what your body must be thinking: "What the hell is she doing dragging us out this early???" Hang in there, Lauren. Sending good thoughts your way! Thanks for coming by.

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