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Hey, there, my fellow Politicos! Please welcome the author of our guest post for this week, Political Packrat, a longtime follower and sharp Politico! I will be guest posting at her site over the weekend, so watch twitter for the post or come on by her blog for my latest. Thanks!

Guest Post by Political Packrat
It’s not Muslim fundamentalists who are America’s biggest problem these days.  It’s right wing Christian whack-jobs who have taken America hostage and who, because of a point of view that celebrates faith at the expense of reality, just may destroy the country they say they love: not out of malice, but out of a warped world view.
This isn’t the first time. The  Scopes Monkey Trial  pitted Christian fundamentalists against modern, rational thinkers  back in 1925.  In case you didn’t know, Biblical literalists were around then too, trying desperately to keep evolution from being taught in the schools. The trial was a landmark case which resulted eventually in legitimizing Darwin and permitting evolution to be taught in America’s public schools amidst much gnashing of Christian fundamentalist teeth.  Science and good sense triumphed in the end, though it was nip and tuck for awhile. 
But,if you are taught that science is the work of the devil and that intellectual curiosity will send you to hell as quickly as masturbation, then you are so threatened by a non-authoritarian world made up of all sorts of nuances, that you cling to absolute, black and white, simplistic thinking and a powerful, punishing God who will protect you if you do the right thing and destroy you if you don’t.

So why am I not surprised that the same people who think President Obama was born in Kenya, evolution is a theory, global warming is a liberal plot, education (except at a good Bible College) is the work of the devil, and trust fund kids who earn more than $250,000 a year on their investments are ” job creators,” are willing to bring down the economy, not just of the United States, but of the entire world, in order to square reality with their whacked, fairy-tale view of the world. 
The brouhaha about raising the debt ceiling is what I am talking about.  The newly elected Tea Party congress-people are fighting fellow Republicans as well as the Democrats for power and most of them are — you guessed it– fundamentalist Christians  who really think they are doing God’s work.
So, in the spirit of fellowship, I am turning off the TV and saying a prayer for the salvation of their little Tea Party souls and for the world economy.  God help us all and God help the United States of America. 
I agree with John McCain on this one. 
Guest Poster Political Packrat can be found at her blog,  or at @p2packrat on twitter. Your turn, Politicos – put your two cents in here at Momma Politico!


  1. The TP people, aptly named, are playing a game of dare with the world economy. There's nothing like a good rapture to absolve us of all our sins and set us back 100 years.

  2. Amen Lauren, Amen 🙂

  3. Thanks, Lauren, for swinging by-always like to get your take on things. After hearing tonight's announcement, it looks like the term "negotiations" have been redefined by the GOP, too: now it means that their side gets everything and gives nothing. As my Nana used to say, I'm so mad I could spit!

  4. It's a further dismantling of the middle class. Time to create a Facebook page to take back Washington form the special interest groups and lobbyists.

  5. I recently heard that the reason we do not think we live in a democracy is we don't…the forefathers wanted it that way — to prevent the tyranny of ignorance that we are watching. Apparently we live in a republic. And it's looking like a banana-kind. Great post…

  6. Great post. Isn't it amazing that the same people who claim they want the gub'mint to stay out of everyone's lives are the same people who wish they could legislate their beliefs into legitimacy? I have to wonder how many of them still lose sleep over the monkey trial.

  7. I am soooo with ya on that, Sistah! 🙂 You know I am! Shout-out this week, GF!

  8. Inglish, you are welcome here anytime – that's the smartest thing I have heard all day, and I thank you for it! Love your Scopes reference, by the way. Yes, hypocrisy at its finest. Come on back anytime, my friend.

  9. Many thanks, my tweetpal! Glad to see you here! Yes, banana republic, here we come…we're dealing with quite the confederacy of dunces, I'm afraid…all the more reason to keep fighting the good fight, Dear friend. Thanks for checking out the blog – hope you'll be back soon!

  10. Hey, Pink! How are ya, my friend? Crazy busy with first week of school but wanted to thank you for coming by. Take care!

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