Lizz Winstead on @awopradio; Lonely Mitt Romney’s Friends Are Corporations

Hey, there, my fellow Politicos! Just wanted to take a second to thank all of you for supporting my efforts over at A World of Progress Radio (@awopradio on twitter). My cohort-in-crime, Kim G., is a generous soul, and we share the same vision: fighting for the common good and highlighting the wrongs being perpetrated by the GOP’s friends, the corporations. Our contributor, Allie McNeil, of @watergatesummer fame, was able to persuade THE Lizz Winstead, whom I loved on Air America Radio, to appear on our lil’ ol’ radio show this Sunday! (I know! I’m still pinching myself.) Lizz has always been a fighter of the good fight, and is obviously “good people” for so graciously agreeing to visit us at A World of Progress Radio.  I’ll be interviewing the folks behind the film “Default,” an expose of the student loan industry, and the bubble that’s about to burst in that financial sector. They’re fighting the good fight, too, and we’re hoping to help them in our own small way.I hope you’ll get to give us a listen this Sunday, at 4 p.m. Pacific and 7 p.m. Eastern. Please tweet me and let me know what you think of the show – always looking for good feedback from my fellow Politicos. πŸ˜‰

Now, on to lonely little Mittens Romney. Did you see that clip? Mother of God. What the hell was he thinking??? I sit here speechless. I am honestly struggling to find words, which, as you know, my dear Politicos, is a near-impossibility. But I sit here, with our usual daily dose of Maddow on the TV machine, and on comes Mitt Romney, talking to a group on the campaign trail, about taxes. He was spouting, in his usual rich-guy way, about ways to pay for Social Security. And he makes a remark that is, just, wow. Wow. That’s all I can say. Here, you take a look, and I’ll wait here and try to contemplate what to say about this:

I know! I KNOW! I couldn’t believe it, either! We have now gotten to the point that the GOP front-runners are no longer even trying to hide their agenda. “Corporations ARE people, my friend.” Whoop, there it is…the Republican Party’s core belief. We couldn’t write this, folks, not even if we tried.

First, there was the Citizens United decision, in which corporations granted personhood by the most activist court in the land. And I thought that was blatant. But, no, apparently Mitt has decided it wasn’t clear enough. So he just spelled it all out for the American people, in simple, no-nonsense, get rid of all that legal verbiage: “Corporations ARE people.” Can’t get much clearer than that. Jesus H. Christ, they’re not even hiding it anymore. Oh, Mittens.

But here’s the best part: Did you hear the crowd? They weren’t just passively listening to Mitt and buying his bullpuckey. They were calling him out. Not just heckling, these good folks were tearing into him! They were laughing at Mittens, and they were righteously angry, and they were gonna tell him about it! “Tax the rich!” “Tax corporations!” “The money goes in their pockets!” Beautiful. Just beautiful. God bless them for speaking out. It’s about time!!!

Y’know what? Those brave folks are not alone. Congress has the lowest approval rating ever. Ever. How low? 82% of Americans think Congress is screwing up. Of that amount, 72 % think it’s the Rethugs’ fault. Fox News rates it even lower in their polls! Yes, the American people are waking up. And we’re not happy.The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is being crushed out of existence. What the GOP don’t seem to get is that people have been working as hard as they can for the past 12 years. They’ve been doing everything possible to make ends meet, and there’s no end in sight. So by God, working families, it’s about time we got angry. It’s about time we band together and speak out. And it’s about time we call out Corporate America (read: The Grand Obstructionist Party) for the travesty they’ve committed against working class families. 

Today, Mitt Romney made it crystal-clear what the Republican Party agenda is: “Corporations ARE people, my friends.” At least the only people who count. And maybe, just maybe, if the Dems take advantage of this opportunity to push jobs on the agenda, maybe, just maybe, we can come out of this recession still in possession of a middle class in this country.


  1. Yep, that Mitt is somethin' else. He's so far out of touch from most Americans, he doesn't even know he doesn't make sense to any of us. Kinda funny, actually, unless he ends up winning the GOP nomination.Congrats on the radio show. I haven't been able to listen, but I'm sure it's a hit! I do miss Air America, though.I'm beginning to read stories about Americans moving back towards unions. I wonder why! Now that corps are "people," it's the little guy's only chance– band together and fight! Being a youngin', I never realized how much we regular folk need unions. Then again, in my lifetime, the overreach of corps and crazies has never been more blatant, either. Thanks for keeping me up to date on things, MP. Β 

  2. Hey, Jennifer! Good to hear from you. Lizz Winstead was awesome – you'll have to go to – scroll down and you can hear the shows anytime. She was so generous with her time and advice, and just was great to talk to. Little Man says I'm only one degree of separation from my hero, Rachel Maddow! πŸ˜‰ Just saw something on TRMS about Mitt starting to steal some of The President's big donors…gotta find out more about that…more to come. So good to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and the fam, and that you had a great summer. Thanks for the great comments, GF!

  3. great post..and having Lizz on was wonderful..and your interview with the Default folks was so good…( and sobering…and worrisome…sigh…) now about Mittens…lordy…I am speechless,who is worse Mittens or Goodhair??? …love your blog ;-))

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