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WE Don’t Get It??? Bullpuckey! Mitt & The RICH Don’t Get It!!!

WE Don’t Get It??? Bullpuckey! Mitt & The RICH Don’t Get It!!!

Quoted in a USA Today article on the changing expectations of young adults, author Morley Winograd, who writes extensively about the Millennials, said their economic situation is “completely analogous” to the depression-era generation. “They were raised in relative affluence, and just as they are about to start in that affluent world, it all comes crashing down.” They are forced to assume that “everything that came before them was a mirage —...

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Jobs, GOP Lies and The Course Ahead: Getting Folks Back To Work, Republicans Be Damned!

  When I awoke this morning, on my first day of sleeping in for the summer vacation, to the sound of a wood chipper, it didn’t put me in the best of moods. And when I sat down to watch Andrea Mitchell shortly thereafter, I was confronted with the new job numbers: just enough to keep up, and keep job numbers at around 8%, a huge improvement over the Bush Administration’s record. Yet, it was seen as a failure by much of the...

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I refuse to cave to a minivan. I am still a tomboy - comfortable in Levi's, my Yankees cap and Converse. And I always have a political opinion...hell, I always have an opinion, period. The hubby, my kids and my friends think I should run for office. Maybe one day. But for now, Momma Politico blogs. Peruse, enjoy, and know that our busy lives are as significant as those in The Washington Post. Cheers, Heidi Haines AKA Perry MacNeil Momma Politico

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