The Debt Ceiling, GOP Bullpuckey, & The Amazing Race: Rethug 2012 Nominees…Really???

Tom Toles cartoons throughout- my fave Washington Post cartoonist – prolific, smart, and dead-on every time!  Well, my fellow Politicos, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should, and I apologize for that –  thanks for all your email and tweets! (By the way, the rss feed hasn’t been working since I went over to my custom domain name – will let you know when it’s...

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Uncle Kelby Ships Out…Again: Keep Your Promise, Mr. President

Missy and Son, E, Say Goodbye (Again) to Kelby ( Growing up as the oldest of five girls, I always wished I had a brother. Then I met my dear friend, Missy and her hubby, Kelby. And our families became fast friends, all of us, and in what seems now like a moment in time, we became family. I can’t tell you when that exact instant happened, but I know without a doubt one thing is true: we were all meant to be part of each...

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Weiner, Schmeiner! Why Are Dems Throwing Anthony Under The Wiener Mobile???

Y’know, Kids, once upon a time, if a well-known political figure had affairs or sexual peccadilloes, no one but the closest aides knew. Hell, even FDR’s privacy regarding his polio was respected and a non-issue in the press. But in this day and age, there is no privacy for any public figure, no concept of “that’s between you and your wife,” and every titillating bit of minutiae becomes fodder for the bottom-feeders...

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Memorial Day: In Which I Receive A Simple Reminder

Photo courtesy of (This is a re-post of a Memorial Day piece from a couple of years ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the moment that inspired it. Happy Memorial Day.)We were running a little behind Friday morning, with everyone tired and on the crabby side. I had a passing thought that it was the Memorial Day weekend, and that we ought to put up the flag. But with all the hustle and bustle, it was a fleeting...

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Floods, The Rapture, & Guns. Oh Yeah, & Maddow on Infrastructure

Well, my fellow Politicos, it’s that time of year, when teachers and schools have their crunch-time, and we’re trying hard to wrap up the year. I’ve been neglecting my postings, and even missed a #FridayFollow on twitter (*gasp!*). So I thought I’d do something quick and simple: a smattering of my favorite images as of late. So here’s a quick glimpse into what’s been passing through my overloaded brain for...

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“All Politics Are Local” – How Ventura City Council Demeaned Its Citizens This Week

  Hope life has been treating you well, my fellow Politicos! Forgive my lapse in posts, as it’s my busy season at work. At a school, the beginning of the year is only second to the end of the year in the amount of work and insanity going on. But I had to share my recent experience with you regarding how, as the old saying goes, “All politics are local.” My dear friend Kathy drug me to a City Council meeting here in our...

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“Welcome To My Town Hall…Now GO HOME!” How GOP Thuggery Treats Democracy

Well, Kids, I sure hope our intrepid pundit Rachel Maddow will pick up on this story. My fellow Politicos, I was having a bit of a writer’s block until The Hubby told me about this travesty of justice. I’m sure you’ve heard of Allan West, the infamous representative from Florida. You remember, the guy who told The President to put himself in harm’s way and spouts the “socialist” lines his party feeds him?...

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