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“Are You Listening, Mr. President?” My Open Letter re: Today’s Economic Speech

Greetings, my fellow Politicos! I am sharing my letter to President Obama with you today. While his speech was heartening, I found little to truly help us, in our middle class family’s position. You and your family may be in a similar situation. And it’s summer vacation, so I had time to write a letter on behalf of all of us. I hope it speaks to your family’s concerns as well. Please don’t let my writing a letter to our President keep you from doing so. Maybe if they hear from enough of us, via email or snail mail, they’ll pay attention. (Hey, you know I’m the eternal optimist…) So, with no further ado, my open letter to President Barack Obama, to be snail mailed and emailed today: Dear Mr. President, In 2004, when you spoke at the National Democratic Convention, I was a teacher and mom of two amazing kids. Tweenie was eight, and Little Man had just turned four. We had just become homeowners, The Hubby and I, and our family was filled with hope for the bright future ahead. I called the kids over to hear your speech, saying, “This man is named Barack Obama. He’s going to be our President one day, Guys. He wants to fight for families like us.” Now it’s 2013, and you’ve not only been elected as our President, but re-elected with an overwhelming mandate by the American people. We have supported you all along the road, and are grateful for all you have done for our country and middle class families like ours. We’ve worked hard, Mr. President, and tried to do the right thing. But just working hard and doing what’s right isn’t enough anymore. We are upside-down in our home: our house payment is nearly $4000 a month for our two-bedroom, two-bath tract home in a working-class neighborhood. While several friends and family members have received help through the HARP and HAMP programs, we are not eligible. Why? Because we haven’t defaulted on our mortgage. We made sacrifices. We did not walk away, though it would have been easy to do so. If we weren’t underwater, we could refinance at a lower rate, and be able to save or get a little bit ahead. But as of right now, because we’ve done the right thing and not defaulted or simply walked away, we have no recourse. There is no way to escape the debt we’ve incurred, and gaining equity in our home is an impossibility. Tweenie is now eighteen and Little Man is ten. They’re still amazing, terrific kids who do well in school and want to go to college. Tweenie was accepted to a good school, her...

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WE Don’t Get It??? Bullpuckey! Mitt & The RICH Don’t Get It!!!

WE Don’t Get It??? Bullpuckey! Mitt & The RICH Don’t Get It!!!

Quoted in a USA Today article on the changing expectations of young adults, author Morley Winograd, who writes extensively about the Millennials, said their economic situation is “completely analogous” to the depression-era generation. “They were raised in relative affluence, and just as they are about to start in that affluent world, it all comes crashing down.” They are forced to assume that “everything that came before them was a mirage — that it was built on unsafe foundations.” This prolonged downturn will end. They always do. People will find their way back to confidence. But especially for those growing up under the weight of its fearsome uncertainties, it will be with us for generations to come. ~ Dr. Peggy Drexler, The Huffington Post (via Here we are, my friends, in a time and place in our lives, at a point when, in our parents generation, they saw their retirement funds growing; due to the housing and bank bailout, ours are gone. Our parents used the equity in their homes to improve their lot, adding a spare room, re-doing the kitchen, paying for college and weddings; we are upside-down, with no hope in sight. Our folks could get good, secure jobs with which they could raise families, have benefits, and pensions; we have to go deep in debt to get advanced degrees to compete for the few pension-less jobs out there, all the while having to pay for our own health insurance as costs skyrocket. Our parents paid for weddings, college for some of us, took us on cross-country trips for summer vacations to see the best of our land; we’ll be hard-pressed to pay for their grandkids’ weddings, or to help them through a state college, and to put aside enough to have some local fun on a “stay-cation.” Union-busting, teachers cut, firefighters and cops getting minimum wage (Scranton, PA, folks, google it!), GOP pushing to cut government jobs to their lowest numbers ever, in the middle of the worst recession we’ve had since the Depression, just when we’ve started to climb our way out of the Republican-created ditch. Yet, the GOP continue to insist that the rich don’t need to pay their fair share: $250,000 tax cuts for the top 1% in Ryan’s (now Mitt’s) budget. Middle class, hard-working families are asked to shoulder more and more of the burden. “Noblesse oblige is dead, long live Citizens United!” the corporate raiders cry, while Mitt dumps his funds into a charitable trust in his wife’s name the day before he becomes governor, and invests his money in Swiss Banks, the Caymans and several other tax-free, untraceable accounts overseas. Because he can. Because he will only release a year’s worth of...

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Jobs, GOP Lies and The Course Ahead: Getting Folks Back To Work, Republicans Be Damned!

  When I awoke this morning, on my first day of sleeping in for the summer vacation, to the sound of a wood chipper, it didn’t put me in the best of moods. And when I sat down to watch Andrea Mitchell shortly thereafter, I was confronted with the new job numbers: just enough to keep up, and keep job numbers at around 8%, a huge improvement over the Bush Administration’s record. Yet, it was seen as a failure by much of the punditry this morning. When I look at the graph, it’s pretty evident to me that there has been great improvement. After all, it takes longer to get the car out of the ditch than it did to get it in there…The pundits do have a valid point, though I don’t see it as dire as their “doom and gloom” predictions do. It’s going to take a while to dig out, and it’s an absolute wonder that we have at all, considering the Republican obstructionism that has been the marching orders of the Rethugs in the legislature. And have they ever been lockstep in their implementation of those orders. Recently, the GOP was forced to approve the Transportation Bill, which means jobs in infrastructure, the only job package they’ve allowed through the legislature in nearly four years. It was a well-played card, with the Dems all on-message, and all of the President’s surrogates sticking to the party line. The President spoke out directly on the bill, in no uncertain terms, and framed the issue so that the GOP had no choice but approve it, or look foolish and obstructionist to the American people. Wish we had such solid skills all the time on our side of the aisle. Hope it’s the beginning of more battles in this style over the next few months. But looking at job growth historically, we see that the party of “small government” has always done the antithesis: they’ve grown government, by adding government jobs to the workforce, funding teachers, police officers and firefighters to the government payroll.  As usual with the GOP, hypocrisy rules the day. Now, of course, the charge is that the President has grown government more than any other Administration. But let’s look at the pastfew Republican administrations and their size of government: Krugman demonstrates pretty clearly that, in time of recession, the way that other administrations have avoided job losses, including the GOP, was by growing the government workforce. Why? Because the government has the onyl pockets deep enough to do so. Take a broader look, over several other presidents: Here’s the same data, with a look at both of the Bushes as well. So, who’s the only...

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