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“Are You Listening, Mr. President?” My Open Letter re: Today’s Economic Speech

Greetings, my fellow Politicos! I am sharing my letter to President Obama with you today. While his speech was heartening, I found little to truly help us, in our middle class family’s position. You and your family may be in a similar situation. And it’s summer vacation, so I had time to write a letter on behalf of all of us. I hope it speaks to your family’s concerns as well. Please don’t let my writing a letter to our President keep you from doing so. Maybe if they hear from enough of us, via email or snail mail, they’ll pay attention. (Hey, you know I’m the eternal optimist…) So, with no further ado, my open letter to President Barack Obama, to be snail mailed and emailed today: Dear Mr. President, In 2004, when you spoke at the National Democratic Convention, I was a teacher and mom of two amazing kids. Tweenie was eight, and Little Man had just turned four. We had just become homeowners, The Hubby and I, and our family was filled with hope for the bright future ahead. I called the kids over to hear your speech, saying, “This man is named Barack Obama. He’s going to be our President one day, Guys. He wants to fight for families like us.” Now it’s 2013, and you’ve not only been elected as our President, but re-elected with an overwhelming mandate by the American people. We have supported you all along the road, and are grateful for all you have done for our country and middle class families like ours. We’ve worked hard, Mr. President, and tried to do the right thing. But just working hard and doing what’s right isn’t enough anymore. We are upside-down in our home: our house payment is nearly $4000 a month for our two-bedroom, two-bath tract home in a working-class neighborhood. While several friends and family members have received help through the HARP and HAMP programs, we are not eligible. Why? Because we haven’t defaulted on our mortgage. We made sacrifices. We did not walk away, though it would have been easy to do so. If we weren’t underwater, we could refinance at a lower rate, and be able to save or get a little bit ahead. But as of right now, because we’ve done the right thing and not defaulted or simply walked away, we have no recourse. There is no way to escape the debt we’ve incurred, and gaining equity in our home is an impossibility. Tweenie is now eighteen and Little Man is ten. They’re still amazing, terrific kids who do well in school and want to go to college. Tweenie was accepted to a good school, her...

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“If The 99% Vote, The 1% Won’t Matter”…Or Will They? Voter Suppression & The GOP

“If The 99% Vote, The 1% Won’t Matter”…Or Will They? Voter Suppression & The GOP

Well, my fellow Politicos, it has been a long time in blog years-July of this year- since I have posted here at, and I extend my heartfelt apologies. The new job has been all-consuming, but it is work for the common good, the work of making young people into smart and productive citizens,  and I love it, exhausting as it is. But I could not stand back and let this monumental election go by unnoticed, especially with the extreme effects it will have, for good or for bad, on the middle class and working people. So here I am. Today I just got a terrific bumper sticker from , which I promptly put on the car. (This despite the fact that The Hubby says I am one bumper sticker away from a ticket for lack of visibility!) You all know how I love small-d democracy, and it’s a mere 3 days from the national election, and our Little Man’s birthday, so there’s a celebratory tone here in the Politico household. I believe the sentiment expressed on the Bold Progressives bumper sticker with all of my being. And if we can get out the vote, I truly believe we will have a groundswell of support for not only the President, but for the so-called “down-ticket” races.  And that matters. Because a Democratic Congress could make for a real recovery for this country, in actions and not simply in words. Over the last six months, I’ve been listening to lots of people, too: friends and colleagues, people in the grocery store line and at the bank and post office. Folks who have been struggling and trying to get back to some sense of normalcy are grateful as the economy improves, people get back to work after tough times, the housing market improves, Obamacare provisions begin to kick in, our family and friends come home from wars in the Middle East, and they see the quality of their lives improve in so many ways. Our President has become a strong Commander-in-Chief, a leader in times of crisis (such as the flooding and damage wreaked by Sandy). My Republican friends tell me that they can’t, in good conscience, vote for Mr. Romney, for a myriad of reasons. And that is encouraging news for the upcoming election. Despite all the momentum I see, there has been a strong, deliberate and disturbing movement going on over the past four years by the Rethugs. I have told everyone that would listen that if the President loses this election, it will be for one reason and one reason only: the GOPs voter suppression efforts. Over the past four years, side-by-side with personhood amendments and all the other...

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