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“Are You Listening, Mr. President?” My Open Letter re: Today’s Economic Speech

Greetings, my fellow Politicos! I am sharing my letter to President Obama with you today. While his speech was heartening, I found little to truly help us, in our middle class family’s position. You and your family may be in a similar situation. And it’s summer vacation, so I had time to write a letter on behalf of all of us. I hope it speaks to your family’s concerns as well. Please don’t let my writing a letter to our...

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“If The 99% Vote, The 1% Won’t Matter”…Or Will They? Voter Suppression & The GOP

“If The 99% Vote, The 1% Won’t Matter”…Or Will They? Voter Suppression & The GOP

Well, my fellow Politicos, it has been a long time in blog years-July of this year- since I have posted here at, and I extend my heartfelt apologies. The new job has been all-consuming, but it is work for the common good, the work of making young people into smart and productive citizens,  and I love it, exhausting as it is. But I could not stand back and let this monumental election go by unnoticed, especially with the...

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I refuse to cave to a minivan. I am still a tomboy - comfortable in Levi's, my Yankees cap and Converse. And I always have a political opinion...hell, I always have an opinion, period. The hubby, my kids and my friends think I should run for office. Maybe one day. But for now, Momma Politico blogs. Peruse, enjoy, and know that our busy lives are as significant as those in The Washington Post. Cheers, Heidi Haines AKA Perry MacNeil Momma Politico

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